Thursday 200625

bridget box jumpingBridget box jumping

Workout of the day
Five rounds in as few sets:
3 min Squat hold (bottom position)
1 min Hanging hip touches
1 min L-sits from support

Best possible score is 15.

Introducing Eric Roza, Incoming Owner and CEO of CrossFit, Inc.

Live Zoom with Eric Roza and Dave Castro

Eric Roza, CrossFit Missoula welcomes you. We believe you will do great things for the company and community.

Dave Castro, CrossFit Missoula congratulates you. We’ve seen what you’re capable of and expect more of the same level of excellence.

Greg Glassman, CrossFit Missoula thanks you and wishes you the best in your “retirement.” We’re looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble you’ll stir up next.

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  • Daniel Carney Jun 25, 2020 @ 20:44

    Emphasized time under tension. Stayed in position for entire time, but modified levers. For example, L-sits from support cycled from tuck sit, hollow hold, L-sit (single, double, alternating), etc.

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