What makes an athlete?

Athletes measure success through performance results. An athlete establishes performance goals, develops a training plan, and then makes adjustments to the plan based on the results of their training.

man and woman preparing to lift barbells

Athletes embrace and overcome failure. Failure is an ever-present barrier that an athlete must overcome. Failure manifests as a lost race, a missed personal record, a skipped workout, and poor food choices. Failure is commonplace when operating at the limit of one’s capacity or changing one’s lifestyle habits.

Athletes harness the power of their emotions. Fear of failure and injury is ever-present. Emotions are an athlete’s most potent performance enhancement tool. Learning to interpret and harness that power will optimize performance results and reduce injury risk.

When the unfortunate injury occurs – whether in sport or life – the athlete uses the same tools of emotional regulation, goal setting, discipline, and results tracking to get back on course.

Athletes rely on the stability of their team. Athletes cultivate their support network – coaches, teammates, training partners, friends, and family. The team helps direct training, assure accountability, and provide emotional support and empathy when setbacks occur.

As an athlete:

  • Are you seeking pain relief and a return to normal function?
  • Have you tried all the fad diets and fitness trends but still not seeing results?
  • Are you unmotivated, uninterested, and uninspired by your current program?
  • Do you need a coach – someone to guide and support you towards a specific goal –  competition, event, or achievement?

If “yes” then Daniel can help

With over twenty-five years of experience, Daniel has worked with a broad clientele, from professional athletes aiming to dominate their sport to those seeking pain relief and returning to normal function.

Daniel Carney massage therapist personal trainer crossfit missoula montanaDaniel Carney is a licensed massage therapist specializing in myofascial therapy and structural integration. Daniel is also a professional trainer providing personal and small group classes to athletes from all walks of life.

Success Stories

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Power of Discipline – Wendy’s Path to Wellness

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Case Study

Breaking Limits – A Fitness Transformation Story

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Bridget Baxter

I’ve been working out in Daniel’s group fitness classes for about a year and love it! I have always been active and into fitness and I finally feel like I’ve been able to take my strength to the next level. Daniel is extremely knowledgeable and does a great job coaching proper form and programming motivating workouts. I really like the small group setting and how everyone is so welcoming, making the small group environment a non-intimidating and a fun place to be part of.

Fritz Lanman

I work in the fitness industry and have tried a plethora of workouts across the country and world. Daniel’s group fitness classes have been the best I’ve found. It’s actually fun, you see results quickly (I could do zero pull ups when I started and used the bands, the other day I did 100 pull ups – albeit mostly 1 at a time but still!), and the community of members is great and encouraging of all levels. So those variables will actually keep you coming back unlike 99% of workouts. And Daniel’s background uniquely positions him to help work around legacy sports injuries and eliminate them – an unexpected, tremendous benefit. Have never enjoyed and had more success with a regimen before!

Gabriel Christensen

I’ve never really enjoyed working out until I began here. Not only is Daniel extremely skilled in his profession, but he also cares about you on a personal level. The atmosphere is one that is friendly and inspires you to work harder. Each workout is scaled to your individual ability so that the best results are achieved. You always learn and practice a movement carefully before even adding weight. Daniel makes you want to get up early every morning and put forth your best effort.

Toby Norman

I can’t say enough good things about this place. Daniel is a first rate instructor that has been coaching and training people his entire career. His knowledge of the body and strength training make him the right person to help you learn proper form and technique. I had a number of old injuries that he helped me navigate around and improve my strength and mobility. On top of that he’s a super nice guy that will invest time into you and your journey towards health. The members there are supportive and great to workout with. Definitely recommended.

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