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Following the birth of my daughter, my family’s second child, it became apparent that we would need more room in the house. As a consequence, I sacrificed my home office for a bedroom.

As I was going through the items that had accumulated over the years, I came across many journals. Some contained my thoughts, written hastily, margin to margin, to get at the root of my mind. Others held notes from classes I had taken or books I had read.

I picked out one of the older ones, from 1997, and flipped it open to a random page. On that page were goals. Future goals. Things like a move to the mountains, build a private practice in massage therapy, teach massage therapists, become a black belt in Aikido, get married, raise a family. What was interesting, is I had accomplished ninety percent of the things on that list. [click to continue…]

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The question I get asked the most in December goes something like this, “I’m leaving town for the Holidays. What should my holiday workout plan be?”

If your plan is solid, and your willpower steady, not only will you be able to keep from losing ground over the Holidays, but you can make significant gains in weak areas of your fitness.

“He who fails to plan, is planning to fail.” – Winston Churchill

The first hurdle you need to overcome is where you’re going to work out. The truth is, everything you need to get a good workout is already with you. You. So you can workout anytime, and anywhere. [click to continue…]


Assuming you’re training with consistency, the next three things I want you to lock down on is the amount of sleep you’re getting, the amount and quality of food you’re eating, and the amount of water you’re drinking every day.

1. Sleep

It would be hard to say which is more important on this list, because without any of them, for long enough, you’d die. That being said, I believe sleep to be the most critical, due to it’s unique and specific effects on brain chemistry. Sleep is a critical component of both physical health and cognitive function. [click to continue…]


Begin, again.

Beginning’s hard.

Starting a blog is difficult. The first word of the first sentence of one of the ten-thousand ideas. I have to choose. Something.

The same struggle appears in our quest for improvement. We want to change. Something. Everything. Right now.

But we only have to choose to begin with, something. One thing. Anything. Just start.

Pushing a stalled car is only difficult at the outset, but once you get it moving, it’s much easier to keep it rolling. You just have to get it to move. Once. Then don’t let up. Do not let slack into your drive forward.

Then, for some reason, as soon as we’ve got it going, we stop. Only to have to begin again.

Therein lies the simple truth. Begin, once. And then begin, again.