CrossFit Missoula

Daniel Carney is a Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3) and runs the programming. Established in 2006, CrossFit Missoula is a private, bare-bones, strength and conditioning studio in Missoula, Montana. Though the training is rigorous, positive results are guaranteed if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

Group CrossFit Classes

Daniel’s small group classes offer the best of two experiences: personal training and community. Daniel caps his classes at 12 people so that he can provide ample attention to every student in every class.

The group dynamic of classes inspires people to do their best, and push themselves farther than they would on their own. In small group classes, you learn and progress much faster than when on your own.

Training Schedule

Monday – Friday
Group Classes   5:30, 6:30, 11:00 AM, 12:00 PM

Myoga  7:00 AM
Open Gym   8:00 AM

Group Training Fees

Individual  $165 /mo
Couple  $297 /mo

Personal Training Fees

Personal training  $70 /hr

The CrossFit Missoula Program

Daniel’s CrossFit Missoula program emphasizes functional exercises to produce the greatest results. Functional exercises are multi-joint movement patterns that often, but not always, match natural movements, such as squatting, lifting, running, and throwing.

Some of our preferred training tools at CrossFit Missoula are barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, still rings, high bars, medicine balls, atlas stones, and plyo-boxes. Here at CrossFit Missoula, you’ll train to optimize performance in both life and sport.

Memorial Day Murph 2019

Memorial Day Murph Challenge 2019

If this sounds intimidating, there is no need to worry. Daniel runs small groups and provides as much guidance as necessary to keep you learning and improving. You can think of Daniel’s CrossFit Missoula classes as personal training in a group setting.

Though the CrossFit Missoula program has distinct characteristics of CrossFit methodology, Daniel integrates over twenty years of study, practice, and experience in personal training, myofascial therapy, and structural bodywork in helping people achieve their fitness and life goals.

One of Daniel’s clients once told him,

“When I first started, I thought you just taught exercise, but working with you feels more like life coaching!”

If you’re ready to get started, schedule your 20 minute consultation using the blue button.

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