Core Bodywork

Daniel began his study of CORE Somatic Therapies in 1996 with George P. Kousaleos, owner of the CORE Institute School of Massage Therapy and Structural Bodywork. CORE Somatic Therapies consists of CORE Myofascial Therapy and CORE Structural Integration.

What is CORE Myofascial Therapy?

CORE Myofascial Therapy is one of the most advanced treatments available, offering deep yet soothing massage therapy and techniques for relieving pain and improving performance. It combines these techniques with exercises that mobilize the layers of fascia and muscle, the joints, and the spine. Structural and functional change to all regions of the body provides greater flexibility, balance, and ease of movement.

What is CORE Structural Integration?

CORE Structural Integration is a ten-session therapeutic and educational plan of progressively deeper myofascial therapy treatments to improve the body’s structure by releasing deep chronic tension, improving interrelated movement patterns, and increasing self-reliance through heightened physical awareness.

CORE Structural Integration focuses not on the muscles, but on their protective layer called fascia (a specialized form of connective tissue). Fascia surrounds muscles, bones, and organs in the body. It gives us our shape and will either support or restrict efficient movement.

CORE Structural Integration aligns and balances the body by lengthening and repositioning the fascia, allowing the body to move more efficiently. The practitioner will apply pressure to the body, working the entire fascial network systematically. When the tension in the restricted fascia is released, the body can return to its structurally optimal position.

Everyday stress, dehydration, repetitive use strain and immobility, trauma, and injury, and the continuing pull of gravity will drag the body out of its vertical alignment. The fascia gradually shortens, tightens, and adjusts to accommodate the misalignment. When the body is out of alignment, it creates inefficiency and imbalance, resulting in stiffness, discomfort, pain, and loss of energy.

When a body is aligned and balanced, it moves with greater ease. It requires less energy to function. Good posture is effortless, and breathing is more accessible. The body becomes more flexible and more coordinated, and performance improves.

 Bodywork Schedule

Monday – Friday
7:30 – 11:00 AM

Bodywork Fees

60 minutes = $75
90 minutes = $110