Kate handstand push-ups

Kate handstand push-ups

Workout of the day
Five rounds for time:
60 double-unders
2 L rope ascents, 15 ft

Taku overhead lunges

Taku overhead kettlebell lunges

Workout of the day
Handstand test: free-standing and static hold with wall support.
Following the test, accumulate 5 minutes of handstands. Includes test time. Any variation of handstand.

Then, 21-15-9 reps for time:
Deadlifts, 110 kg
Strict handstand push-ups

For handstand push-ups, place hands on bumper plates so that head touches ground below hands.

Terra overhead lunges

Terra overhead kettlebell lunges

Workout of the day
Set a box at 80% to 90% of max height and get 30 jumps on it. One at a time. Recover between jumps. Do them all before or after the WOD, or get 15 pre-WOD and 15 post.

For time:
30 strict muscle-ups

Shannon overhead kettlebell reverse lunges

Shannon overhead kettlebell reverse lunges

Workout of the day
On a 35 minute clock with a partner:
Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of:
30 double-unders
15 pull-ups
15 push-ups
100-meter sprint

Then, 5 minutes to find a 1RM partner deadlift

For the AMRAP, have one partner work while the other rests, switching after a full round is completed. If you’re performing without a partner, rest 60 seconds between each round, and find a regular 1RM deadlift.

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Robby brachiating

Robby brachiating

Workout of the day
21-15-9 reps for time:
Power cleans, 60 kg
Squats 2x (42-30-18)
Strict ring dips

Nellie & Kristina - mother & daughter

Nellie and Kristina – mother and daughter

Workout of the day
Three rounds for time:
Run 400 m
12 strict pull-ups
24 single-arm overhead reverse lunges, 24 kg kettlebell

Curtis & Laura get after it

Curtis and Laura getting after it

Workout of the day
Test your two-hand hang time.
Following the test, accumulate 5 minutes hanging. Test time does not count toward 5 minutes.

Then, in as few sets:
75 back squats, 85 kg

steph turkish get-ups

Steph Turkish get-ups

Workout of the day
Find your 1 rep max for the dip.

Set a box at 80% to 90% of your max box jump height and get 30 reps on it. It’s not for time. Recover as necessary between jumps.